Guided Walks

Richard Burnip regularly guides for London Walks.

London WalksRichard’s specialist walks include:

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s London
  • Arthur Conan Doyle in London
  • Sherlock Holmes: 3 different walks in different areas
  • London on Film: 3 different walks, the City, the West End, and Westminster.
  • Roffey’s Ramble: retraces the steps of a famous guided walk of 1910.
  • ‘What Ho, Jeeves!’ The London of P G Wodehouse


Other walks which Richard guides in the London Walks repertoire:

  • Along the Thames
  • Ancient City at Night
  • Charles Dickens’ London
  • Eccentric London
  • Fitzrovia Pubs
  • Ghosts of the Old City
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Shakespeare and Dickens
  • Shakespeare’s London
  • Subterranean London


For further details of these and other walks, please visit the London Walks website

To book Richard for a guided walk, please call London Walks on 0207 624 3978.